Free Bitcoin Wallet


Bitcoins are stored in a wallet, which you can use to buy, sell, or send bits or whole bitcoins to anyone, anywhere in the world. Blockchain is the world’s largest bitcoin wallet provider.

I confidently recommend . Blockchain has two services you will want to use: Wallet and Receive Payments . Both services are free.

You can quickly and easily set up a secure Bitcoin “bank account” without storing the data on your computer. They do everything for you, and their security is top-notch.

Simply follow their recommendations when setting up your wallet.

Especially the bit about the private key, which should be written on paper and stored safely. They also provide you a mnemonic phrase,  which should be stored safely separately from the key. Consider it a backup.

In addition, I strongly recommend you set up a Google Authenticator account on your phone and tie your Blockchain Wallet to it. If you do all of this, your bitcoins will be very secure.